What To Wear at a Milonga or Tango Class

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This page covers what to wear in tango classes or for dancing at milongas.

In an Argentine Tango Class you will want:

  • Shoes with a back on them – flip flops or slip ons are not dance friendly
  • Shoes that are comfortable
  • Shoes that will pivot
  • Comfortable clothes – clothes you can move in comfortably, not binding or a skirt so short you can’t move freely.
  • It seems obvious but please: Use deodorant and brush your teeth!

When dancing tango at a milonga – tango is dynamic so some things should be considered:

  • When dancing at a milonga, casual to elegant attire is the most expected.
  • Women should be cautious about short skirts since they may rise during the embrace.
  • If you are wearing layers check to see that they are not too slippery. When two fabrics like satin lie atop one another it can be very hard to maintain a connection when the clothes are slipping around during the dance.
  • A dress with a slit? You often see slits in tango dresses, the reason being if the dress is form fitting you will may need the ability to get your legs apart especially if you are dancing ganchos, boleos or leg wraps.
  • Nothing scratchy. Be aware of clothing with jewelery, rhinestones, glitter, beads, spangles et cetera. Not only can they tear the clothes of your partner, they can be very uncomfortable in the embrace. I can’t count the times men have shown me scratches they received from dancing with someone that wore a scratchy dress. Even embroidered clothing can get uncomfortable in the embrace. Stay with soft and sensuous but not too slippery.
  • Quick dry fabrics? The recent invention of fast drying fabrics are wonderful since they really do dry fast. Frequently if the room is warm, if it is a fast dance like milonga, or if the embrace is steamy, either or both partners may begin to sweat. Some men bring and extra shirt so they can change. The quick drying fabrics are a plus!
  • Clunky jewelry can be not only cumbersome, but uncomfortable in the embrace.. Never wear somethign heavy that might swing and clang against yourself or your partner.
  • Breath mints are a plus!

The list on what to wear when dancing tango are just suggestions. We get calls all the time about what to wear so we are posting this as a contribution to the community. Feel free to make suggestions or comments as we do not consider this to be the end all list of what to wear at a milonga or in an Argentine tango class in Tucson or any where else.

Your contributions will be used and appreciated!